In the 7th International Colloquium of Paremiology it is time to scan through the articles in our six ICP Actas-Proceedings volumes. My first task is to survey the articles published and abstracts sent to us so far in order to get an overview of the aims our participants have in relation to paremiology or interest in proverbs. My second task is to read anew some basic texts of the few paremiological classics (A. Taylor, G. Permâkov, M. Kuusi) and reappraise their observations, concepts and generalizations. Have new approaches of linguistics, folkloristics, literary research, study of cultural history and social psychology opened new ways to understand the genre of proverbs and the former findings? And in turn, have some important remarks and observations of the classics passed unnoticed? Are there misunderstandings and bias concerning former research and terminology that should be brought up? My short presentation will be an analysis and a statement in order to lay outlines for discussion.