Welcome to Tavira!!!

Tavira lives culture and it is known as the Venice of Algarve, the city of churches or the world capital of proverbs. Considered a landscape between the mountains and the sea, Tavira (37º 07´ N and 07º 39´ W) is located in south of Portugal, at 40 km from Faro Airport (01h00m) and 330 Km from Lisbon Airport (04h15m).


With splendid long and white sandy beaches open to the Atlantic Ocean, Tavira has a great variety of choices ranging from quality hotels to local and rural accommodation, excellent conditions for nautical sports or the increase golf activity. The mild climate along the year (average 17º C), the warm sea water in summer (about 23º C) and the typical fauna and flora give the visitors enormous reasons for good relaxing periods at Tavira.




The town has a great number of national and international cultural activities and offers visitors the possibility to see historical monuments and every archaeological place has a lovely story to listen. In addition, people is versed in the art of receiving people and our traditional gastronomy are the main reasons pointed by visitors to come again or to get one peaceful house for living. Tavira was the city chosen to represent Portugal in the transnational candidacy of the Mediterranean Diet for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Due to all these actions carried out over more than a decade in the field of paremiology the Associação Internacional de Paremiologia / International Association of Paremiology (AIP-IAP) was confirmed as one Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) accredited to provide consultancy services to the Committee of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in the area of oral tradition-paremiology and promotes the UNESCO club of paremiology- Tavira..


Tavira was conquered to Moors on 11 June 1242 and got the city Charter from the Portuguese king D. Manuel I, in 20 August 1504. Tavira was considered the most important settlement in the Algarve and one of Portugal’s largest cities in the XVI century; its importance is proved by a great number of real visits and privileges given to Tavira. The Portuguese poet Luís de Camões also gives memory of the crucial conquers moment in Canto VIII, verse XXV, of the Portuguese epic poem “Os Lusíadas”.


Here a Portuguese Master of the Order

Of Santiago returns from Castile

To conquer the land of Algarves,

Finding no one to withstand him;

With guile, courage, and fortune’s blessing,

See him capturing cities and castles.

See Tavira taken from the abuse

Of murdering Christians at a time of truce?