This presentation will be a continuation of the Newspaper project presented in ICP-2012 (the articles were published in 2013). The Newspaper project -2 focuses on Estonian (Piret Voolaid), Slovenian (Saša Babič) and Finnish (Liisa Granbom-Herranen) newspapers from paremiological point of view. The newspapers are quite the same as in 2012 but this time the newspapers were followed up during one month period, May 2013.

The aim of this paper is to make a glance at the Finnish part of the project. Newspapers are from local distribution (Perniönseudun Lehti), regional level (Salon Seudun Sanomat) and the newspaper with largest circulation in Finland (Helsingin Sanomat). The focus is on Finnish proverbs as a part of contemporary colloquial written language in everyday use and context. This paper presents some comparisons with the results of the previous project as well as some remarks about possible parallels and differences between local, regional and national newspapers.

Key-words:  proverb, reference to proverb, Bible quotation, citation, slogan, newspaper