Proverbs & pictures in social networks

It is well known the proverb: \\\"A picture is worth a thousand words\\\".

Nevertheless, in social networks, sometimes proverbs are backed up with images, and other times a picture is used as \\\"excuse\\\" for bringing to mind a proverb.

In this communication I disclose some examples of the second case picked up in the social networks.

I have not searched these examples in the global networks, but in my personal circle, let us say, tweets from people or institutions I follow, some instances from inside the posts, or comments of my friends in Facebook.

The use, in these occasions, shows the actual, and current functions of these proverbs, but there is more. In same cases it is obvious a clear intention to divulge the proverb itself.

For each selected proverb, we will focus as much in characteristics as in popularity, antiquity and other aspects of the current, and former use in Spain.